Sunny Day Out For Football And Fête

Fete BuntingWhat a lovely sunny day we had for the annual Fête and Football Competition. Fun was had by all, and hopefully this should go a long way to raising sufficient money to run St Leonard’s Church. If you have ever wondered why we need to raise money for the church and what it gets spent on, then read about fund raising for St Leonard’s in Rev Wintle’s own words.
The BBQ was a huge hit, running out of food and having to visit the local Co-Op for more stock. If that is anything to go on, we hope the other stalls also saw record demand.
A great many people put a lot of time and effort into organising the annual Fête and Football Competition and so we thank them all for their efforts in making this annual event such a success and of course we also thank everyone who attends and supports our community and church. We hope to see you all again next year – fingers crossed for a repeat of this year’s great weather.
Below are some photos of the day. If you have more photos we can publish then you can send them to us using Contact Us (use Category of Other).