Warwickshire County Council objects to Warren Field Housing Plans

Warwickshire County Council has undertaken a full assessment of the planning application and the supporting information which has been submitted. Based on Warwickshire County Councils assessment the Highway Authority OBJECTS on highways grounds to the proposals.
The following identifies the reasons for objection at this time:
1. Insufficient parking proposed for the proposed dwellings to meet the Councils car parking standards.
2. Site layout issues – Substandard driveway dimensions and aisle widths, driveways not a 90 degrees to the kerb and the driveway for the existing dwelling at No 29 has not been amended or addressed adequately.
3. Vehicles parked on the proposed highway would restrict access for service vehicles on the remaining carriageway. Furthermore, the tight alignment shows the vehicle touching the kerblines as it passes around the proposed highway, clearance of 200mm should be provided.

Warwickshire County Council objects to the proposal for 29 homes by Orbit Homes.