Annual Parish Council meeting

The purpose of a Annual Parish Council meeting is to elect the councils chairman for the coming year, decided when ordinary meetings will be held, review any policies and to make other annual appointments.
The following Parish Councillors were elected to the following responsibilities:
Cllr. Ian Spiers re-elected as Chairman
Cllr. Geoff Marsh & Cllr. Steve Witter elected as Vice-Chairs
Cllr. Chris Harbert the Allotments Representative
Cllr. Rod Clarke responsible for Village Litter Picking
Dale Keeling for Village Magazine Editor
Cllr. Steve Witter for Ryton Water Meadow
Cllr. Stuart Tetlow for Pavilion refurbishment
Cllr. Martin Nobbs for War Memorial refurbishment
Cllr. Witter and Cllr. Marsh for Cemetery Field Management
All Parish Councillors for the Planning Working Group
Cllr. Geoff Marsh for the Neighbourhood Plan Group
Cllr. Rod Clarke will be the Village Hall Committee representative