Village Website members:

Barbara Marsh: 02476 304295 or 07785 243293
Lindsay Foster: 02476 307336
Ian Spiers: 07737 721998
Marcus Henry 07919 560783:
Stuart Wells: 02476 306365

All members receive emails through contact us.

Where to Begin

The Village Website Action Group held its first meeting in November 2012 and set out to create a new website for the village that would serve as a single online point of reference for any and all information that anyone might want to know about the village, whether you are a resident (past, present or future) or a visitor.

It was felt that we wanted to make the website somewhere you would visit on a regular basis and to achieve this the content must be constantly refreshed.

We have already achieved a lot and continue to meet on a monthly basis to evolve the website further. Read more about the Website Design, including the site structure and the technology on which it is based.

Becoming a Content Author

Keeping the content of the website up to date is not a task that can be undertaken by a single person, or indeed a small group on their own. It was therefore an important design goal of the website that the ability to add and maintain content be as accessible to residents as possible. As part of this design goal we have created an Author’s Guide, which provides detailed information on how to create and maintain content on the website.

What we now need are volunteers from across the many clubs, groups and organisations of the village to join us in becoming Content Authors and look to add and maintain the content relevant to their club, group or organisation themselves. We would encourage you to read through the guide and ask any questions of us you wish. We are prepared to provide additional training if you feel this is necessary and of course this doesn’t mean that we won’t continue to add and update content ourselves – so don’t be afraid to send us content via Contact Us.

Website Action Group Minutes

Below are the minutes of the Website Action Group meetings. If you would like to join us then let us know.

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