Trading Standards Scams and Rogue Trader Warnings

Telephone Preference Service Scam: A Coleshill resident contacted Warwickshire Trading Standards after receiving several phone calls which may have come from a call centre located in the Far East. The caller falsely claimed to represent the Telephone Preference Service and asked for debit card numbers (including the three digit security number on the reverse of the card) to sign up to the service. Residents should be aware that the TPS is a free service and TPS would never cold call or ask for card details/payment.
Doorstep Gardening Warning: Rugby Borough residents are warned to beware of an individual going door to door across the area offering to cut trees, hedges and bushes and do odd jobs around the garden. The trader was reported to be door knocking in a no cold calling area. Warwickshire Trading Standards advises residents not to buy goods or services from unexpected doorstep callers.
Bogus Garden Sprays: A resident contacted the service after receiving a knock on the door from someone offering to spray a ?liquid? on their front wall which they claimed would prevent weeds/plant growth. The resident strongly suspected that the liquid was just water! You can’t tell a good trader from a bad one on the doorstep. Don’t buy from unexpected doorstep traders.
Dodgy Claims Companies Making Bogus ‘Trading Standards’ Claims: A Warwickshire resident received an unexpected phone call from a ?claims company? to say that they were owed �4000 in bank charges compensation. Already unsure about the call, their suspicions were confirmed when they were told that Trading Standards had asked the company to contact householders! The fraudulent caller would probably have asked for an upfront ‘admin fee’ to release the non-existent compensation, had the call continued.
Doorstep Builder Warning: A Warwickshire resident was approached by a ?builder? who knocked on his door unexpectedly. The trader did not provide any cancellation paperwork or other details of their business and asked for money up front for building materials. No money was paid. Do not buy goods and services from unexpected callers on the doorstep.
Internet Shutdown Scam: A resident reported receiving a phone call from someone pretending to be BT and claiming that the consumer?s internet was going to be shut down unless the caller was allowed remote access to the consumer?s computer. Fraudsters use these ruses in order to gain access to computers to steal personal and financial information.