Time to Start Thinking About the Cost of Heating?

Sadly the last days of Summer are with us and cooler days and nights are just around the corner so it’s a good time to start thinking about the cost of heating. Warwickshire Rural Community Council (WRCC) is running an oil syndicate to reduce the cost of domestic heating oil (both kerosene and red diesel) and LPG (cylinders and bulk).
Warwickshire Community Oil Syndicate is designed to help purchasers of heating oil and LPG make savings by buying in bulk. By operating county-wide the oil syndicate makes it possible for groups, individuals and businesses to make the most of their collective purchasing power and benefit from cheaper heating oil and LPG.
Last month the members of of the oil syndicate saved £58.80 per 1000 litres against the average market price, paying just 55.75 pence per litre of heating oil. How did your supplier compare? Bulk LPG members are saving between £150 and £260 per annum and they are also able to offer great savings and free delivery on LPG cylinders.
WRCC is a long-standing local charity that provides support and advice to rural communities throughout Warwickshire. They receive no funding to operate the Warwickshire Community Oil Syndicate so charge a nominal annual fee (£20 per household) though the cost of this is more than covered by the savings the members make.
If you would like to find out more about reducing the cost of your heating oil or making a saving on your LPG please email oil@wrccrural.org.uk or call Sarah on 01789 472611.

Update: 08 November 2013

Would you like to save £74.90 per 1000 litres of heating oil?
Butler Fuels won the November (2013) order negotiated with local suppliers by Warwickshire Community Oil Syndicate and members saved a huge 7.49 pence per litre against the average market price (and a massive 23 pence saving against the market high). What a result! Members paid only 53.8 pence per litre – what did your supplier charge?
In addition, the LPG cylinder prices haven’t risen for seven consecutive months whilst the LPG bulk is still being offered at 43 pence per litre despite rises across the industry.