Play Area Reopening

The Parish Council are currently working on reopening the play area at the recreation ground. Following risk assessments and inspection the parish council will reopen the play area in stages. The first stage of reopening is planned to take place on Saturday 4th July.

Whilst using the equipment please ensure you follow the rules below:

  • Only one household per piece of equipment at any time.
  • One parent per household in the enclosed play area
  • Please wash your hands before using the play area and once you return home
  • Please use hand sanitiser regularly
  • Maintain 2m distance at all times
  • Do not eat or drink in the play area
  • Do not touch your face after using the equipment
  • If the play area is busy please consider coming back later
  • Total children at one time in the enclosed play area should be no more than 4
  • Please wait your turn if you are queuing for a piece of equipment

If you have any questions please contact the clerk via email