Out of Control Dogs

Local dog owners have been advised to keep control of their dogs while they are off their leads. This advise is issued after a report to the Village Facebook site of a dog attempting to attack another leaded dog while it was off its lead. The dog was eventually brought under control by its unknown owner.
Legal advice can be found here : https://www.gov.uk/control-dog-public/overview
To report dog nuisance of any kind locally via the Dog Warden service;
Email: ept@rugby.gov.uk
Telephone: (01788) 533857
Town Hall
Evreux Way
CV21 2RR

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  1. dogpoopolice
    dogpoopolice says:

    Not an uncommon problem in the village. If your dog has NO RECALL TRAINING and does not return to you IMMEDIATELY when called, ESPECIALLY if it has a tendency to be aggressive to other dogs THEN NEVER LET IT OFF THE LEAD IN PUBLIC SPACES!
    Unpredictable untrained and unsocialised dogs are a nuisance and a danger to others. Train your dog properly before letting it off the lead.

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