How to Prevent Number Plate Theft

With a report of number plate thefts in the area we have decided that we should make you aware of how you can ‘Secure your plates, and protect your identity’.
Your car number plate is unique and is linked to the registered keeper of the vehicle. If your plates are stolen and used, thieves are stealing your identity. Being a victim of number plate theft is serious and you need to report it. The plates could be used to commit criminal offences and the police could be knocking at your door. Criminals use stolen plates for a whole host of reasons and sometimes in very serious crimes.
To avoid becoming a victim of number plate theft, we recommend taking the following actions:
• Park in a well lit area and use car parks that are accredited to the Secure Car Park Scheme.
• Fit non-returnable screws to your number plate, or another fixing device such as an epoxy adhesive. These are available from car parts supply shops and some DIY stores. *please see attached picture
• Purchase theft resistant number plates from a reputable dealer and ensure they adhere to British Standard BSAU 145d.
For further information please contact a member of the Rugby Rural Central Team on the below contact details.
Twitter: @RugbyCops
Dial 999 – In an Emergency
Dial 101 – To report a Crime
Tel: 01788 853851 – To contact the team directly (Not for reporting Crime)