Get Composting

220 Litre Compost BinWarwickshire County Council are currently offering subsidised composting bins to Warwickshire residents as well as offering a composting course for anyone wanting to learn more about the art of composting.
The subsidised composting bins come in two sizes; 220 litres (£10 and shown to left) and 330 litres (£13) and if you want 2, even better as the second one is half price too. You can collect them or for have them delivered for only £6 per order.
Anyone attending the course can buy a 220 litre bin at an even further reduced cost of just £5 as well as benefiting from the above deal.
If you are gearing up for a summer of gardening why not take advantage of this offer. For more details on this composting offer and details of wormeries, water butts etc see the Warwickshire Composting website.