Bin Collections – What can you do to help?

Rugby Borough Council are doing everything they can to keep bin collections running as normal during the Coronavirus pandemic. But it’s likely that services will be impacted soon because of staff shortages due to parental leave or sickness. To help them prepare, here are some things that you can do to help:
Help bin crews operate
Due to reduced traffic, your usual collections time may change. Please put your bins out early and leave them out until they’ve been emptied.
Please be considerate when parking your car on a collection day, this will help to ensure the collection vehicles can access your road.
Please make sure your bin lids are firmly closed to help prevent crews unnecessarily touching them.
Wash your hands before and after touching your bin.
Compact your recycling into bins as much as possible to maximise space and only put bins out when they are full.
Bin crews are working hard to keep this essential service going during this difficult time. If you see them, please let them know you appreciate what they’re doing and give them a wave or a smile!