To be able to make a comment on the website you first need to register. Look to the top of the page for a bar similar to below, and look for a Register link towards the right hand side.

Top Bar

Register DialogClicking on Register present you with a dialog similar to the one on the right.

All fields are mandatory, but only first name/last name is displayed on web pages as part of the ‘comment by’ information. The other details are held internally for information.

By completing this you should receive an email containing a verification link. Once you have clicked this link you will be able to log on to the website using the username and password you selected earlier. Again see the top of the page for the login fields (username and password).

It is possible to comment on most posts, but you will only be able to see how/where to do this once you have logged in. It will be at the bottom of the post. Your first comment may be delayed as it needs to be authorised, but subsequent comments should appear more promptly.

Beware though – by commenting on a post you are publicly commenting and so everyone can read you comments and indeed can comment on your comments.

We look forward to reading all your comments and hope to see many of you getting actively involved.