Wroth Silver Ceremony 2013

The 884th annual Wroth Silver Ceremony will be held on Monday, 11th November. Every year residents from 25 parishes in the area once known as The Knightlow Hundred gather on Knightlow Hill in Ryton-on-Dunsmore at 6.45am on Martinmas Eve to pay their taxes to the Lord of the Manor, currently the 10th Duke of Buccleuch.
Wroth Silver CeremonyThe ceremony dates back more than 800 years to 1170AD and bar a short break has been held every year since. Up until 1800 people living in each parish were required to deposit the equivalent of 46 pence into the hollow stone, which lies on top of a grave rumoured to be that of a knight or a British chief. Those who did not pay a set fee were fined 20 shillings for every penny, or forfeited a white bull with a red nose and ears of the same colour.
Nowadays anyone is welcome to attend and, although there is no penalty for non-payment, residents still throw money into the stone on saying the words Wroth Silver once their parish is read out by the Duke’s agent, Christopher Sparrow. On conclusion of the ceremony payees will head to the Queen’s Head pub at Bretford for a breakfast and a glass of rum and hot milk. Places at the breakfast cost £12.75 and are limited, and can be booked though the pub on 02476 542671.
To find put more about one of the oldest ceremonies in Britain you are invited to join the Ryton History Group on Friday 25th October at 7.30pm at Ryton Village Hall.