Wassail 2018

Come and join us to wassail the orchard on Saturday 13th January. We meet at the Blacksmith’s Arms at 6.00 pm for a drink before processing to the orchard at about 6.30 pm. Once at the orchard there is a short ceremony.
Wassailing refers to a traditional ceremony that involves singing and drinking to the health of trees on Twelfth Night in the hope that they might better thrive. The purpose of wassailing is to awaken the apple trees and to scare away evil spirits to ensure a good harvest of fruit in the Autumn.
Please bring torches or lanterns and wear sensible shoes, the orchard is not flat. If you would like to dress up, please do. Top hats, bowler hats or hats decorated with ivy or mistletoe are traditional. Children may dress up as they wish. Please bring something to make a noise! Saucepan lid and spoon, rattle, drum, bells, whistles etc. We need to chase the evil spirits out of the orchard. The more noise the better!
Come and join in the fun!
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