St Leonard's Fete – Call For Help

Fete BuntingSt Leonard’s Fete will be on the 25th June this year and we need your help.If you can spare a small amount of time on the day or, if not on the day, perhaps in the preparation leading up to the day, then your contribution will be greatly appreciated.
We need helpers on the day in most areas, but specifically this year we are looking for some additional people to help with the bouncy castle. We have established that we need at least 2 teams of 2 people, working in hour long shifts, from 11am through to around 4:30pm. This involves taking the money, ensuring the correct number of children are on at any one time, and watching for safe play.
We need help to find donations of raffle prizes:

Do you go out for lunch or dinner to venues in the surrounding area?

Do you know any companies that would be willing to donate various gifts or services?

Do you feel comfortable about asking for donations?

If you do then we would welcome any donations of prizes or sponsorship that you are able to collect. There is no need to attend fete meetings if you would prefer not to, we just need to be updated on your progress along the way.
We need help to find sponsors: Do you know anyone who would be willing to sponsor the following items?

  • Marquee – £650 al, or part cost would be a great help
  • BBQ, Table and Chairs – £330
  • Children’s Entertainer – Jimbo – £200
  • Sound Man – £110
  • Football Competition Costs – £480
  • Coventry Brass Band – normally sponsored by Keller

If you can help please get in touch with Fiona Tetlow on 07738 281 238 or Frances Wintle at