Steetley Meadows Annual Update

2013 has seen many people enjoying Steetley Meadows, especially in the better summer weather that we enjoyed this year. The meadows have looked lovely and the trustees would especially like to thank Mr David Kenning for all his voluntary work to maintain and improve the meadows, and to thank Mr Ted Howard for all his hard work. We are very grateful to Mr Simon Miller who kindly audits our accounts.
WoodpeckerHighlights in the meadow this year have been the green woodpeckers, the largest of our British woodpeckers. They can often be seen on the ground feeding with their long tongues on their favourite food, ants.
The Countryside Action Group held a bat walk in the meadows and the group of about 25 people used bat detectors to listen to the bats, including pipistrelles and identified them from their sounds. Powerful lights allowed us to observe Daubenton’s bats hunting for insects over the river.
The Countryside Stewardship Scheme has changed this year and this will result in changes to the management of the meadows, with wider uncut strips along the edges of fields and fewer paths as required by the stewardship agreement management plan. It also entails a reduction in income for the maintenance of the meadows.
The Severn Trent Field at the end of Redland Lane is in the process of being purchased by the Parish Council and this land will eventually be managed by Ryton Conservation Trust.
We invite you to take a stroll down to the Meadows, a good way to walk off some of those extra calories from Christmas! To find them go down Church Road, then along Redland lane where you will find 35 acres of meadow and woodland, part of which is a site of special scientific interest. We do ask all our visitors to take away any litter and clear up after their dogs.

Can you help?

The trust is always very grateful for offers of help, particularly in view of the acquisition of the additional field. There are footpaths to be mowed, brambles to be cut back, nettles and weeds to be strimmed. Even an hour can make a difference, so if you have some spare time and would like to help, please get in touch with one of the trustees (Ian Grimes, Chair, 02476 303277).
The trustees would like to offer Season’s Greetings and a happy and healthy 2014 to all our visitors.
Ian Grime, Rod Crosbie, Carolyn Reily, Martin Nobes, Richard Ridges

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  1. njus
    njus says:

    It’s looking lovely down there. I decided to take my 3 year old and my 8 month old for a walk yesterday. It was a lovely fresh day and a little muddy, but that’s what makes it fun. The only thing that I found difficult was that I can’t get the pushchair through the kissing gates. The main large gate entering the Meadows is padlocked,so I had no other option but to take my baby out of the pushchair, close the pushchair up and carry them through which was difficult on my own with both children. All of the other large gates were unlocked so not a problem afterwards. Please can something be done about this to make life easier for parents with young children. Thanks

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