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Lent appeal in aid of Toilet Twinning.
St Leonard’s PCC has decided to send the proceeds from our Lent Jars collection this year to the charity Toilet Twinning. This brilliant scheme provides safe toilets for communities that at present have none. The possibility to go to the toilet privately and safely is important for everyone, but women and girls are especially endangered when they have no safe and private facilities. Not only that, but providing toilet facilities is an important way to fight against disease, notably dysentery and cholera, and thus
benefits whole communities.
The idea is to twin our lovely hygienic toilets at St. Leonard’s with a lavatory block to be built in a community that at present does not have such a facility. If we succeed in raising enough money, we will get in return a certificate to display in our loos stating that we are twinned with a specific toilet facility in Africa or Asia.
You can also join in the scheme as an individual, and twin your loo at home with one in the developing world. See the website at http://www.toilettwinning.org/ or simply Google ‘Toilet Twinning’.
Perhaps you would like to hold a coffee morning or another fund-raising activity in aid of this fantastic organisation?
If you want to join us in our Church Lent collection, please take a jar or Gift-Aid envelope from church (or use a jam jar from home) to collect the money you save from the things (chocolate, gin??) you have given up for Lent. Please bring your jar, envelope, and fund-raising proceeds to church at or after Easter.

See the website

See the website

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  1. BikerKing
    BikerKing says:

    Most of this is to Uganda which I believe gets UK AID funding for various charities and various projects. Couldn’t you find something more local?

    • rosiking
      rosiking says:

      You are more than welcome to come to the St. Leonard’s Christmas Carol Service and contribute to the money we raise for the local Air Ambulance Service. Rosemary King, Licensed Lay Minister.

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